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Adult, Group
& Other Specialized Mental Health Care

At Family Services of Chemung County, we provide a full range of assessment and individual, family, and group mental health therapies to adults.  The Adult Mental Health Clinic provides dual recovery-informed services in conjunction with area substance abuse treatment providers for those diagnosed with mental health and chemical dependence problems; provides trauma-informed care for individuals presenting with mental health difficulties related to current and/or past abuse experiences, including victims, survivors, and offenders in the areas of sexual abuse and domestic violence; and promoting safety, communication, stress and anger management.  

  • Men’s Anger Management and Domestic Violence Skill-Building Therapy Group:  To assist the client in reducing his risk of using physically, emotionally, and psychologically abusive behaviors towards others by identifying socially acceptable behavior, understanding and using health thought processes, understanding the role of positive recognition of emotions, and managing emotional, cognitive, and physical responses to situations in positive and healthy ways; to assist the client in the use of learned skills to increase socially acceptable responses to situations and in interactions with others, and to improve relationships.


  • Women’s Anger Management Skill-Building Therapy Group: To promote pro-social behavior through acquisition of affect regulation, stress management, effective communication and conflict resolution skills, thereby reducing the frequency and severity of antisocial and abusive behavior.


  • Protective Parenting Skill-Building Group: The purpose of the group is to strengthen parents and guardian’s protective abilities by increasing knowledge based surrounding child abuse and traumatic symptoms, in addition to reinforcing effective and developmentally appropriate parenting skills.


  • Women’s Empowerment Skill-Building Therapy Group:  To empower survivors of domestic violence by discriminating healthy from unhealthy relationships, improving self-esteem and sense of capability, and enhancing protective factors to promote safety and overall well-being.


  • Women’s Trauma Recovery and Empowerment Therapy Group: To promote acquisition and application of adaptive coping and affect regulation skills, as well as to incite desensitization, processing, and cognitive restructuring surrounding traumatic events, therapy reducing negative impacts of trauma related symptoms on client functioning.


  • Sexual Abuse Skill-Building Therapy Group: Assisting individuals in reducing risk for sexually abusive behavior through identification of risk and protective factors, challenging and restructuring of associated cognitive distortions, and application of adaptive coping and safety planning skills to promote healthy sexual functioning and community safety.


  • Forensic Program – The Forensic Program is operated at the Chemung County Jail, providing health assessment, ongoing counseling, psychiatric evaluation and medication therapy, pre-release treatment planning, post-release referral and case management, and advocacy for individuals in order to improve adjustment to and functioning within the community, increase completion of linkage with services, and reduce the rate of recidivism.


  • Crisis – When a crisis occurs the Crisis Program offers a mobile response team providing face to face or telephone crisis counseling and referral services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. (607) 442-6900


  • Psychiatry Services - Some people benefit from medication to manage a life situation, whether it be temporary or permanent.  Our psychiatrists work collaboratively with the clients and Family Services’ therapists to assess and, when needed, develop a pharmaceutical plan in response to a mental illness or traumatic life event. Please consult with your therapist if you believe a psychiatric evaluation is needed.


  • Urgent Care Services – Provides on-site and Emergency Room assessment for individuals in need of immediate mental health assessment, psychiatric evaluation, medication therapy assessment, and referral. (607) 733-5696

310 Pennsylvania Avenue, Elmira, NY 14901 (607) 737-2490

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