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Care Management Services

Care Managers work with children, youth, and adults to coordinate medical, mental health, and/or substance abuse services and link individuals and family members to other community resources and support services with the goals of stabilizing and improving their overall health.

What does a Care Manager do?

  • Care Management services consist of comprehensive assessment and care planning, care coordination, and health promotion, comprehensive transitional services, client and family support services, and referral to community and social support services

  • Meet face to face with the client during the month and speak with collateral contacts as needed

  • Coordinate the client’s care through effective communication with other providers and identify goals and services being provided to the client

  • Advocate on the clients’ behalf so they receive the care they deserve

  • Assist with navigating the healthcare system to improve outcomes

  • Link the client to community resources for housing, food, clothing, transportation, etc.

  • Assist with educating the client on meaningful activities to improve their overall physical, social and mental health needs

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Who is Eligible?

  • Medicaid enrolled individuals living in Chemung County

  • Single Qualifying conditions: (Serious Emotional Disturbance, Complex Trauma, Seriously Mentally Ill or living with HIV/AIDS)

  • Two Qualifying chronic conditions including asthma, diabetes, BMI over 25, heart disease, mental health diagnosis, substance use disorder, and many other serious chronic illnesses

  • If they meet the above conditions, risk factors must also be present and can be determined by the agency

Informational Links for Care Management Services:

HHUNY - Health Homes of Upstate New York (Adults)

CHHUNY - Children's Health Homes of Upstate New York (Children & Youth)

Video about Health Home Care Management Services:

Additional Services provided in Health Home Care Management

Representative Payee Services is available for recipients of Social Security Disability benefits who also receive mental health services in the community.  Family Services of Chemung County staff support eligible clients in managing their personal finances by assisting them with budget development and training, individual support, and coordination with other community service providers, with the goal of fostering economic self-sufficiency. 

For information regarding all of these programs, please call us to discuss further.

Our Address

310 Pennsylvania Avenue,

Elmira, NY 14904

(607) 733-2820

Program Hours

Monday-Thursday 8:30AM - 4:30PM

Friday 8:30AM-3:00PM

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