About Family Services of Chemung County

Family Services of Chemung County is a Not-For-Profit 501(c)3 Charitable Organization, providing a broad range of services to the community for over 150 years.
Donations or bequests appreciated. For information, please contact Ted Kordela, Executive Director.
Comments or questions regarding Family Services' programs may be directed to our Executive Offices at: 1019 East Water Street Elmira, NY 14901
(607) 733-5696.
Our Mission

"The purpose of Family Services is to assist individuals, families and the community in meeting the complexities of daily living by fostering the ability to develop and maintain positive relationships and promote healthy, independent personal development, and responsible social functioning."

Family Services of Chemung County, Inc.


The agency was founded in 1864 by a group of church women of various denominations whose mission was the care of needy Civil War Soldiers, their wives, and their children.
Through the later half of the 1800's and the early 1900's the agency concentrated its efforts on children, through its large orphanage, which served the entire Southern Tier of New York. At the turn of the Century, adoption services became a greater focus of the agency.
In the mid 1920's Foster Care began to slowly replace the orphanage as a means to care for children without parental support, until the large facility was finally closed in the mid 1950's.
In 1940, the organization merged with the Federation of Social Services, which became known for it's public relief giving. Helping troubled people through counseling became recognized by the community.
In the early 1970's Family Services decided to concentrate it efforts on counseling services. So, after having provided Foster Care and Adoption services for well over half a century , these services were turned over to the County and other Human Service organizations.
In 1973, Elmira Child and Family Services merged with Catholic Family Services to become Family Services of Chemung County, Inc.
In 1992, Family Services of Chemung County, Inc, purchased it's current 1019 East Water Street facility, where the Mental Health Clinic, administrative functions, and Home Care programs operate. The facility, ideally located in Elmira, is adjunct to Route 17 with easy access to the Water Street building.
With additional sites at 310 Pennsylvania Avenue, 1149 Sullivan Street, 361 West Water Street, and at 304 Hoffman Street, the organization has a very visible community presence and a solid reputation as a quality service provider in the community.


1864 - The Agency was called Elmira Phoenix Hospital Aid Association. The organization underwent many changes, and became the Ladies Relief Association.
2/17/1868 - The name was changed to the Southern Tier Orphans' Home.
2/13/1925 - Certificate of Amendment was filed to change the name to Southern Tier Children's Home.
5/27/1940 - Certificate of Amendment was filed to change the name to Elmira Child and Family Service, which became known for its public relief giving.
5/2/1951 - Certificate of Permit of Existence of Elmira Child & Family Service was filed.
8/31/1973 - Certificate of type was filed for a name change to Elmira Child & Family Service.
1/7/1974 - Certificate of Amendment was filed for name change to Family Services of Chemung County, Inc.
11/13/1987 - Certificate of Amendment was filed adding “to provide comprehensive care to individuals of all ages in their places of residence including housekeeping, personal and home health care.”
2/5/1988 - Certificate of Amendment was filed, same purpose as 11/13/1987, but includes DSS letter indicating that DSS does not need to approve the changes.
8/16/1991 - Certificate of Amendment was filed “to provide educational, training and preventative counseling services for problems related to substance and alcohol abuse and abuse to individuals of all ages” and to operate a substance abuse program within the meaning of Article XIX of the Mental Hygiene Law and rules and regulations adopted pursuant thereto.