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People who suffer from mental illness also suffer from the loneliness and isolation that often accompany the disease. You can help.  Become a Compeer volunteer and share just 4 hours of your time each month with someone who suffers from mental illness.

What Is Compeer?
Compeer is an award-winning non-profit organization that matches community volunteers in supportive friendship relationships with persons recovering from mental illness.

"Compeer" means a companion who is also a peer or equal. Loneliness, failure, fear and loss of self-esteem are universal experiences of those who suffer from mental illnesses. A caring friend can help to restore some joy and hope to a life that is often empty of both. Through the gift of your friendship, you will gain a sense of satisfaction and personal growth and have the opportunity to help another.

 Circle of Friends, a lunch time mentoring program, matchings volunteers with children.  The program is in all elementary schools in the Elmira City School District and one Middle School.  Children are selected based on at-risk factors (risk of school failure, absenteeism and truancy, troubled home life, being bullied to name a few).  Volunteers visit twice a month to have lunch, do special projects and spend one on one time with the child they befriend and mentor.  Projects help serve the community, whle teaching a valuable lesson to the child.

Pal volunteers spend a minimum of 4 hours a month with youth.  They spend time with those referred by their Therapist or school or as a continuation of interaction within the Circle of Friends program.  Activities range from helping with homework and going to sports events to attending community activities.

What is Involved?
Compeer provides a fun, flexible volunteer opportunity that fits into your current lifestyle. Compeer Volunteers are asked to make a commitment of 4 hours per month for at least one year spending time with their Compeer match in a mutually agreeable activity.  As a volunteer, you will meet with your friend on a regular basis, at mutually convenient times, to share activities you enjoy such as movies, sports, shopping or coffee and a chat.

How Can I Become a Compeer Volunteer?
As a Compeer volunteer you would join thousands of other volunteers who come from all walks of life, all races, all religions, and from both urban neighborhoods and rural communities. Training, ongoing education and support is provided by the Compeer staff.   you would like to become a Compeer volunteer and use the power of your friendship to help people with mental illnesses live happier, more productive lives, contact

550 E. Church Street, Suite 104 Elmira, NY  14901

Phone:  607--737-2490 or 733-2305

Lauren Shull - Compeer Director-  Ext. 319   

Nicole Bouchard-Erway - Compeer Coordinator - Ext. 320

 Compeer Coordinator- Ext. 321-          

Email us at

Visit our Facebook page:  Compeerfscc


Compeer Program

 "It's amazing how a cup of coffee can lift your spirits..

   Elmira Savings Bank And Compeer Golf At the Mall

Elmira Savings Bank and Compeer wil be celebrating our 15th year of Compeer Golf at the Arnot Mall next year from Monday, February 16th thru Saturday, February 28th, 2015. 

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